Fox Fur Coats

Fox Fur Coats in Boston, MA

Fox furs are typically one of the most widely available types of furs in the world. Fox fur scarves and fox fur hats are common, affordable items that could be considered the “entry-level” of luxurious fashion. There are many different species of fox furs available at Gartenhaus, each with its distinct color and style.

Wearing Fox Fur Coats in Boston

Fox Fur Coats Boston MAOne of the types of fox furs available at Fox & Klaff Furs is the North American red fox. Red fox fur coats, and vests, in particular, have a silky exterior and a very flexible interior.
This unique attribute provides the ultimate in fit, flexibility, and comfort, without sacrificing warmth or luxurious softness. The bright red and brown tones in our selection of fox coats, fox hats, and fox vests provides a lighter, brighter tone – perfect for spring, autumn, or even a cool summer night.

Fox & Klaff Furs also carries silver fox fur coats, hats, scarves, and vests. Silver fox furs are highly valuable furs to both furriers and owners, as the soft, silver fox furs provide tones of silver & black that starkly contrast to the red fox furs. Silver fox coats and silver fox hats, in particular, complement black outfits for a striking style perfect for an elegant gathering. The silver fox furs are perfect for the autumn or winter seasons.